Speaker series


Postponed 24 March 2020, 12.10-1.30pm, JOR730

Yotam Margalit, Tel Aviv University

Location Matters: Is the Immigration Debate Over Stocks or Flows?

13 February 2020, 2.30-4.00pm, JOR1402

Yang-Yang Zhou, University of British Columbia

How Refugee Resentment Shapes National Identity & Citizen Participation in Africa




31 October 2019, 3.10-5.30pm, CUI219

Dominik Hangartner, ETH Zürich

Access to and Consequences of Citizenship

3 October 2019, 12.10-1.30pm, JOR730

Jaime Settle, College of William & Mary

Frenemies: How Social Media Polarizes America


28 March 2019, 12.00-2.00pm, SLC516

Christopher Dawes, New York University

The Electoral Effect of Stop-and-Frisk