The Behavioural Political Economy Group

Members of our group work on a wide variety of projects broadly in the area of political economy and behaviour using experimental methods. Some of us have our formal home in the politics department, some in psychology and others in economics. We get together weekly to workshop projects and discuss research. And we host a visiting speaker series — when there isn't a global pandemic. 

Iva Srbinovska

Hi, I’m Iva. Nice to meet you! I began my journey with political science while studying a BA in Politics and Governance at Ryerson University. Upon completing my degree, I was inspired to continue on to a Master’s degree in Comparative and International Studies at ETH Zürich. My research interests are political violence, migration, political behaviour, elections and voting. Outside of academia, I’m an avid sci-fi and rock ’n roll fan who enjoys travelling with a book and relaxing with a beer.

Jonah Davids

I am a psychology undergraduate student in my final year at Ryerson. I work as a Research Assistant with the Behavioural Political Economy group with Professor Rubenson and I also volunteer in the Social and Political Psychology lab in the Psych Department, with Professor Becky Choma. My research interests include political psychology, populism, social issues, and ideology.

João Pacheco

I am currently a student in Ryerson’s undergrad program of Economics and Management Science. Before Ryerson, I was studying business administration at George Brown College. I am a big football fan who also enjoys politics and economics. Working on projects that combine all three is a perfect opportunity.

Natassja Bilinski

I'm a Master student in the Public Policy and Administration program, focussing on citizen-oriented governance. I recently graduated from the University of Waterloo with an Honours Political Science and Legal Studies degree. My research interests include topics relating to citizen-oriented governance and democratic engagement practices in policy making, biopolitics, political economy, and Canadian political culture. A fun fact about me is that my second language is Mandarin-Chinese, which I learned while living in Taiwan as a Rotary International Canadian Ambassador. 

Amber Hey-Yon Lee

I'm a postdoctoral fellow with C-Dem. I have recently completed a joint PhD in Communication and Political Science at the University of Pennsylvania. 


My research interests are in American public opinion, political communication, and political psychology, with a focus on polarization and social identity. 


My work has been published in the American Political Science ReviewPolitical Communication, Political Behavior, and Computers in Human Behavior

John McAndrews

I'm an adjunct professor in the Department of Politics at Ryerson University and a postdoctoral fellow and managing director of the Policy, Elections, and Representation Lab (PEARL) in the Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy at the University of Toronto. I earned my PhD at the University of British Columbia.


My latest project — funded through a two-year SSHRC Insight Development Grant — uses a series of original survey experiments to explore the impact of role models on the political engagement of under-represented groups in Canada.

My work has been published in Legislative Studies Quarterly, Parliamentary Affairs, the Journal of Experimental Political Science, Political Research Quarterly, and the Canadian Journal of Political Science.


David Sumantry

I'm a PhD student studying social and political Psychology at Ryerson. My Master’s research investigated prejudice toward people with foreign accents, and my dissertation will study predictors of political polarization and methods of reducing hatred across the political divide.


Broadly, I specialize in applying quantitative methods to social science, whether it be power analyses, multilevel modeling, structural equation modeling, or computational text analysis.


I also own a statistical consulting company Sumantry Data and Statistics. For fun, I love board games, building computers, baking, and improving his French.

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